Design for a semi-permanent disaster relief solution, created for an exhibition hosted by the Young Architects Forum at the AIA National Convention in Miami 2010. Below is the project description:

Following a disaster, citizens would be evacuated to a large central facility (the Astrodome, in this case). This acts as a triage center where initial aid is rendered & housing is assigned. In a matter of hours, a community of “DUCDORMs” is assembled outside. Each grouping is separated into single-family living units, with a unit dedicated to information & supply dispersal. By providing citizens the means to meet their own basic needs in their own space, the demand for relief services is reduced & the functioning of families & neighborhoods is better maintained.

Each unit has a DUC(Deployable Utility Component) which contains basic bathing & kitchen facilities. It is prefabricated & capable of being transported by air, road, rail, or sea. Each DUC is equipped to collect & store water and is outfitted with a photovoltaic array, a small generator, a heat pump, and an air handler. When integrated with the DUCDORM tent, the DUC ventilates warm air out of its insulated/inflatable skin, helping to shield it from heat. During the reconstruction process, the DUCs are reused to supplement housing built using locally appropriate means by community members. Its power-generation & utility features can then be easily integrated into permanent systems, reducing the demand for skilled labor.